OASIS D—Define Detail Discover 2 Part Series

 OASIS D—Define Detail Discover 2 Part Series
Recorded December 11 & 13, 2018

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This 2-part webinar will include a thorough discussion of the changes that make OASIS D. Changes include items removed, items changed, and new items. The expansion of the one clinician rule will be discussed with options explored. Your questions regarding new pressure ulcer/injury items and guidance will be answered. A comparison of the M1800 ADL/IADL items and the new GG items is essential to achieve accuracy for future outcomes and payment.

OASIS D will be implemented January 1, 2019. Take a deep breath and let Lisa Selman-Holman guide you and your staff into the next realm of OASIS.

Note: This 2-part webinar is not meant to be a comprehensive presentation of the intricacies of OASIS D. Only the major changes will be discussed. Participants should be familiar with OASIS C-2 requirements.

1. Identify M items removed from OASIS D.
2. Explain the expansion of the one clinician rule and how it may impact current practice.
3. Explain new guidance on completing pressure ulcer/injury items.
4. Compare and contrast ADL/IADL items with new GG items.