Hospice Reimbursement Update & Proposed Rule 2021!

 Hospice Reimbursement Update & Proposed Rule 2021!

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Hospice is ever changing! This webinar will provide the latest data on Hospice reimbursement and take you through the Hospice Medicare Proposed Rule 2021. Included in massive changes, the Hospice Election Statement Changes go into effect October 2020….Are you ready? This webinar will review the detail changes to the Hospice Election Statement that will go into effect October 2020. In addition to the Election Statement itself, there will also be an addendum requirement that will include many clinicians needing to fully understand what is allowed and not allowed under the Medicare Benefit and the regulations to support that decision. This webinar will assist in full preparation for implementation of these new requirements.
Outline Details of the 2021 Hospice Proposed Rule
Review Reimbursement Proposed Rates
Itemize changes to the current regulation as outlined in the proposed rule
Define the changes for the Hospice Election Statement & Addendum
Review Detail Election Statement change requirements
Detail the Addendum requirement for the form
Define specific occasion that the Addendum would be required and the timeliness of delivering it.

Outline the Demo for Hospice inclusion in Medicare Advantage (MA)
Review key components of the Demo for Hospice in MA
Outline the positives and negatives of MA plans including the Hospice benefit


Melinda Gaboury