Thriving in Both RCD & PDGM!

 Thriving in Both RCD & PDGM!

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This session will take agencies through the relationship of RCD and PDGM and how they have a huge impact on each other. Discussion regarding the imperative documentation that will assist agencies in succeeding under both RCD and PDGM will be detailed. As we move into the 2nd quarter 2020 we will discuss issues agencies have already encountered with both RCD and PDGM and discuss specific billing concerns that PDGM has created.

Outline Key Operations Areas that are impacted by the Review Choice Demonstration
1. Review Intake Process
2. Itemize needed documentation for RCD

Outline Key Operations Areas that are impacted by PDGM
• Review Intake/Admission requirements for PDGM
• Itemize needed documentation for PDGM
• Define overall process for agency to be effective under RCD & PDGM

Define the positive effect of RCD on preparation for PDGM & future medical review.
• Review the timeliness requirement of PDGM for cash flow to maintain
• Review the lack of additional medical review when participating in RCD
• Outline the points of successful preparation for medical review when you are getting this stuff correct


Melinda Gaboury